Sasha Corbett
"An old vet once said that it is our moral obligation to do what is right by the animal. These words ring true and hit deep to the core to anyone that is involved with animal rescue. Sometimes what is needed is not always the easiest and not always the outcome we had wished or desired for, but that doesn't make it any less right. Today such a decision had to be made as I let Emma Faith cross the rainbow bridge. Her prognosis from the vet was not good and promised a hard, difficult life that she probably would never have been able to recover from. She didn't deserve that. She deserved to only know love, peace, and dignity. I wanted to thank everyone involved in Emma's last month. She was a very special dog who touched many people. She will never be forgotten."

~Heartfelt words from Emma Faiths Mommy~

"Emma Faith"

Sweet Emma Faith was found late on the night of July 20, 2015. She was severely emaciated, dirty, and covered in fleas. It also seemed as if she was blind, but despite that, she was sweet as can be. We quickly found her a foster, Susan Hairston, and she bathed her, clipped her nails, gave her a good meal. We got her to the vet, and she was off to her next foster/mommy Sasha Corbett, who was her caregiver in her final days. She showed her love, kindness, and compassion. She had a great life while in her care, and we are forever grateful for this. Sadly, Emma Faith was not getting any better, not gaining weight and all the abuse, neglect and lack of medical care from before she was found was taking its toll on her fragile body. Her medical issues were severe. She had a heart murmur, a severe pyrometra, diabetes, etc She had a long, painful life ahead of her, and sadly she would likely not survive the treatment she needed. We did not want her to suffer, or leave this earth scared, alone or in  pain. With much thinking, and consulting, it was decided we would let this sweet girl cross the rainbow bridge in the arms of her mommy, with the love and kindness she had been receiving. Many followed the journey of sweet Emma Faith, and we are all heartbroken over the loss of this beautiful, sweet soul who came to us in the middle of the night. But now, she is in peace... Running and playing, and no longer in pain. We would like to thank ALL who supported us during this time,all those who helped, and to those who donated towards her care, and especially to Sasha Corbett, for being her mommy. For showing her that not all humans are bad, and for giving her such an amazing life while she was with us. Thank you Sasha..... Rest in Peace Sweet Emma Faith... You will always be in our hearts, and never forgotten! For you and many like you, we will keep  trying, keep fighting.... to save all we can....

Rest in Peace, Beautiful Angel Babies

Here, we honor all the sweet, innocent furbabies who have crossed our paths.... The ones we tried so hard to help, to save, to give them a second chance at life...... Sadly, due to neglect, abuse, etc endured on these babies before we found them was too much for them, and though we tried everything to help them, we were unable to save them. These sweet, innocent furbabies were given love, medical care, and the best life they could have while in our care...... They will forever be a special part of us, and for them... we will keep trying...... They will always be loved... missed and never forgotten!

CARE of Santa Rosa County, FL Inc.

Sweet Prince was found dumped on the side of the road near CARE's founders home. He was severely emaciated, and could barely move. We rushed to get him off the streets, and brought him home where we quickly gave him food, water and love. This sweet boy, despite his condition, wagged his tail and he knew he was safe. He could barely stand, as he was paralyzed from the waste down. He captured the heart of many, who followed his story as we tried so very hard to save him. While we were unsuccessful in giving him what we so wanted to give him, a second chance at life. He was given love, food, toys, and companionship. We were able to keep him going for 2 weeks, but he suffered from severe heartworms, liver and kidney problems, and many other medical conditions. His body was too weak to handle any treatment and slowly his spirit started to dwindle and we had to let him cross the rainbow bridge. Our hearts were broken, as this boy will always hold a special place in CARE and in our lives. We loved him, and wish so much we could have saved him. He didn't die alone, on the streets. He went in peace, knowing not all humans were bad, and he knew we tried. Prince will always be in my heart, my special boy. I will always wish I could have saved him, but at least I know we tried. We did give him love, kindness and all we could. Rest in peace sweet boy, we will continue to fight.... for you....